2017 Flock Competition

Rampisham Hill Farm Flock
Rampisham Hill Farm Flock

Judging for our annual flock competition took place during June 2017.  We welcomed Clive Sage and Julian Cranton who judged the large flocks, Mary Andrews judged the medium and Michael Flatt judged the small flocks.  Entry to the competition is free and is an opportunity for farmers to be rewarded for their shepherding skills and flock management.  There are three awards given:

  • The Melplash Agricultural Society Perpetual Plaque for the best flock of 15 -50 Ewes
  • The JRB Bowditch Perpetual Cup for the best flock of 51-300 Ewes
  • The Newall Perpetual Cup for the best flock of 301 and over

The above cups will presented to the winners at the Melplash Show on Thursday 24th August 2017.

2017 Results

Small Flocks

1st place:  Mr Darren Rashley, Yeovil with his flock of Portlands and crosses.

2nd place:  Mr Bill Dupont, Beaminster with his flock of Jacob sheep.

3rd place:  Mrs Jo Stover, Beaminster with her flock of Portland sheep.

Medium Flocks

1st place:  Mr Francis Fooks, Powerstock with his flock of Poll Dorset and Dorset Horns.

2nd place:  Mr & Mrs David and Ruth Wilkins, Hooke with their flock of Poll Dorset and Dorset Horns.

3rd place:  Mr Matthew Bagwell, Powerstock with a flock of Poll Dorsets.

Large Flocks

1st place:  Mr Adam Fooks, Portesham

2nd place:  Mr Martin Yeates, Swyre

3rd place:  Ms Chloe Snuggs, Evershot Farms, Abbotsbury Estate