Best Bridport Banger

In 2013 we launched a new competition, Best Bridport Banger!  The competition is open to anyone who makes their own pork sausages and will be judged by Alex and Lou Webb of Webbs Butchers of Ferndown, Dorset.  In the UK we love our sausages – in fact five million of us eat them every day! Sausages or ‘Bangers’ as they are affectionately known are big business with 175,000 tonnes of them eaten every year which is worth an amazing £530 million.

“As far as we know sausages were brought to Britain by the Romans, and have been made by Balsons Butchers in Bridport since the business started in 1535” said Richard Balson.  “They became known as bangers during the Second World War because they were so filled with water they exploded in the pan when being cooked, this was why it was advised to prick sausages before cooking them… these days this is not necessary as a good quality sausages will contain at least 80% of meat, the remainder will be cereal and seasoning”.  According to Richard, the best way to cook a sausage is slowly in a frying pan.

The Melplash Agricultural Society competition will recognise local farmers and butchers who deliver from field to fork, with provenance and traceability guaranteed throughout every step of the supply process.  Whether sausage making is your hobby or part of your business this is a fantastic opportunity to gain recognition.   For further details please click here.

2016 Results

Traditional Pork Sausage Class
1st  RJ Balson & Son, Bridport
2nd – Bellairhaye Pork – Felicity’s Farm Shop, Morecombelake, Dorset
3rd  Mr PJ Hatton, Berkshire
Speciality Sausage Class
1st  RJ Balson & Son, Bridport
2nd  Bellairhaye Pork – Felicity’s Farm Shop, Morecombelake, Dorset
3rd  Eggardon Rare Breeds, Dorchester, Dorset.