Hedging & Ploughing Results 2012


The 2012 Melplash Agricultural Society’s Hedging and Ploughing matches took place in glorious sunshine and with spectacular views of the West Dorset countryside.   The match was held at Yondover, near Bridport by kind permission of Crutchley Estates Limited.

Tim Frampton, Melplash Agricultural Society’s Hedging and Ploughing Chairman said ‘”The turnout was excellent and well supported by the local young farmers.  We had a good number of ploughing entries and the entries for the hedging were exceptional.  It was great to see so many people spectating and enjoying the various displays and also laser clay pigeon shooting which was new this year.  

Special thanks must go to all the sponsors who without their support this event would not go ahead and of course all the helpers and other members of the Society who work behind the scenes.


Class 1 – Local                                                                   

1st           Russell  Woodham, Dorchester, Dorset      

2nd          Kevin  Goodfellow, Netherbury, Dorset                

3rd           Roger Vickery, Dorset   

Class 2 – Novice                                               

1st           Mark Ireland, Burrington, Somerset

2nd              Matt Stones, Netherbury, Dorset

Class 3 – Open

1st           Colin Ridson, Cullumpton, Devon

2nd          Terry Coombe, Yarcombe, Devon

3rd           David Surridge, Colyton, Devon

Class 4 – Young Farmers Open                                

1st           Sam Norman, Beaminster YFC         

2nd          Tom Greenway, Marshwood Vale YFC   

Class 5 – Pairs Open

1st           Malcolm Dowling & Duncan Fraser, North Somerset

2nd          Jill Exton & Jen Newman, Weymouth, Dorset

3rd           Mr EG & Mr DR Ford, Corfe Castle, Dorset

Class 5B – Pairs Novice

1st           Ken Holder & Dai Holder, Risca, Gwent

2nd          Steve Spear & Rob England, Bridport, Dorset

3rd           Richard King & Luke Gatehouse, Bridport, Dorset

4th           Edward Taylor & John Hart, Bridport, Dorset

Tidiest Kept Site                                      Cleanest Cut

Richard King & Luke Gatehouse             Malcolm Dowling & Duncan Fraser

Overall Hedge Laying Champion 2012 – Russell Woodham


Class 7 – Vintage Trailed

1st   Brian Johnston, Bridport, Dorset

2nd  Peter Smith, Bridport, Dorset

Class 8 – Vintage Hydraulic

1st  Scott Symonds, Bridport, Dorset

2nd Michael Symonds, Bridport, Dorset

3rd  Peter Symonds, Bridport, Dorset

4th  Dan Pibworth, Bridport, Dorset

Class 9 – Match Ploughing

1st           John Harris, Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Class 10 – Young Farmers           

1st           James Wallbridge, Beaminster YFC                        

2nd          Matthew Frampton, Beaminster YFC   

3rd           Michael Crabb, Beaminster YFC

Class 11 – 2 & 3 Furrows               

1st           Phillip Morley, Newbridge, Isle of Wight                                            

2nd          David Rae, Beaminster, Dorset

3rd           Edward Yarde, Beaminster, Dorset

4th           Tony Ascott, Bridport, Dorset

Class 12 – 4 or more Furrows             

1st           Barry Dennett, Broadwindsor, Dorset   

2nd          Andy Shute, Drimpton, Dorset                 

3rd           John Shute, Drimpton, Dorset

Class 13 – Contractors Challenge

1st           M Thomas, SC Marsh Ltd, Maiden Newton, Dorset

2nd          D Crabb

3rd           S Fry, Crutchley Farms Ltd, Bridport, Dorset

Novice Ploughman

1st           Bruce carter, Bridport, Dorset                   

2nd          John Shute, Drimpton, Dorset  

Champion Ploughman in Classes 7-8-9  John Harris

Reserve Champion in Classes 7-8-9  Scott Symonds 

Best Strikeout in Classes 7-8-9  John Harris

Best Finish in Classes 7-8-9  John Harris

Champion Vintage Ploughing Classes 7-8 Brian Johnston

Best Ploughing with John Deere tractor:  Andy Shute

Best ploughing with Ford New Holland Tractor, prize sponsored by Francis Bugler Ltd:  D Crabb               

Best Finish with 4 or 5 furrow plough:  Barry Dennett

Open Champion Ploughman in Classes 10-11-12-13  Phillip Morley 

Open Reserve Champion in Classes 10-11-12-13  M Thomas

Local Champion Ploughman in Classes 10-11-12-13  M Thomas

Local Reserve Champion in classes -10-11-12-13  David Rae

Best Strikeout in Classes 10-11-12-13  Phillip Morley

Best Finish in Classes 10-11-12-13  D Crabb



The Cecil A Marsh Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup for Best Hedging Local – Mr R Woodham

The Marcus Beresford Trophy for Best Hedging Novice – Mr M Ireland

The Elizabeth Lady Williams Perpetual Challenge Cup for best Hedging Open – Mr C Ridson

The Philip Hardwill cup for Best Young Farmer Hedging Open – Mr Sam Norman

The Bartletts [Dorset] Ltd Cup for best pair hedging – Mr M Dowling & Mr D Fraser


The Jack Dare Trophy for Champion Vintage Tractor Ploughing – Mr B Johnston

Perpetual Challenge Cup presented by Blandford & Webb Group Ltd for best ploughing in classes 7-8-9  John Harris

The Streatfeild Perpetual challenge Cup best General Purpose Ploughing Young Farmers – Mr J Wallbridge

Inter-Club Silver Perpetual Challenge Cup – YFC with the highest individual scores – Beaminster Young Farmers

Silver Perpetual Challenge Salver presented by Creed Brothers – Contractors Challenge Ploughing – Mr M Thomas, SC Marsh Ltd

Silver Perpetual Challenge Cup for Case International – Mr J Harris

The Sam Dennett Perpetual Memorial trophy for Best finish with a four or five furrow plough – Mr B Dennett

Stuart Mallinson Champion Ploughman [open] Silver Perpetual Challenge Cup – Mr P Morley

Champion Ploughman [Local] Silver Perpetual Challenge Cup  – Mr M Thomas