Live Lamb Competition results

Judge, Mr David Westmore of Chard

The live lamb competition sponsored by S J Norman & Sons held on the Melplash Show ground the Tuesday before Show Day always marks the start of the annual show.  Sheep farmers in the area bring along a matching pair of lambs to be judged alive.  After judging they are taken to the slaughter house killed ready for the lamb carcass judging competition at the Show on Thursday.    It is always interesting to see whether the same lambs that win the live lamb competition are the same winners in the lamb carcass competition on Show day.

This year there were a total of 43 pairs of lambs.   They are classified by weight – under 75kgs(light) and over 75kgs (heavy)and by breed – continental sired or native sired .

The judge for the evening was Mr David Westmore from Keats Mill Farm Bishopswood, near Chard.  The 2015 results were as follows:

Champion Continental – Mr R Gillard, pictured with judge Mr David Westmore and Society President, Mr Richard Campbell

Heavyweight Continental

1st           R Gillard

2nd         D Churchill

3rd          C Newman

4th          P Harris

5th          P Harris

6th          T Marsh

Champion Native – Mrs Jenny Rearden pictured with judge Mr David Westmore

Lightweight  Continental

1st           T Marsh

2nd         C Newman

3rd          C Newman

4th          D Churchill

5th          R Maltby

6th          E Bryer

Heavyweight Native

1st           J Rearden

2nd         J Rearden

3rd          B Atkinson

4th          J Rearden

5th          S Wrixon

6th          C Swaine

Lightweight Native

1st           J Rearden

2nd         C Newman

3rd          E Bryer

4th          J Rearden

5th          R Maltby

6th          T Swaine

Champion Continental – Mr R Gillard

Champion Native – Mrs J Rearden

The Society President, Richard Campbell presented the prizes and thanked everyone for entering the competition.  Special thanks being given to the judge Mr David Westmore.  The evening finished with a delicious lamb dinner at Loders Village Hall,  hosted by Mr John Norman.